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By Lula, your autistic, ADHD and otherwise neurodivergent friendly wedding photographer x

Just a note: Images are sprinkled across my site where they fit aesthetically, not according to any neurotype or private information xx
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Your story, told by someone who gets you

My aim for all my clients is to document your wedding day story deeply and authentically, capturing those sweet in-between moments that grow more precious as time goes on as well as the picturesque couple shots people just adore. I also aim for a beautiful, relaxed, happy vibed photography experience for my clients to remember.

I want to acknowledge that the path leading up to us creating these images is different for everyone. My clients have different preferences around communication, and I am proud of being responsive to this. As a neurodivergent wedding photographer, I know how important it is to fully trust in your relationship with your photographer during a time that can feel very vulnerable and sensitive, and this is especially true for autistic, AuDHD, ADHD, and otherwise neurodivergent brides, grooms, nearlyweds, and marriers.

I seem to work with a higher percentage of neurodivergence in my clients than average, although I could never know for sure, so respecting differences and preferences is hugely important to me.

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How Do You Adapt to Neurodiverse Clients?

What's the difference, Lula?

Planning and attending your wedding can both be daunting concepts, and if you throw in some of the additional hurdles that neurodivergent individuals might need to leap over, such as executive dysfunction, anxiety, misunderstandings, and the freaken time warp... This magical time can definitely become a potential source of stress and it can be a vulnerable time. It's really important that we work out what might be a challenge for you specifically, some things I will understand as a neurodivergent person myself, and other things I'll need to learn about from you.

I would love to share my personal toolbox of magic strategies to minimise stress and avoid overwhelm, both during the planning and during your actual wedding day.

These are focused around:

  • adapting how we communicate
  • minimising sensory triggers
  • embracing stims
  • identifying and working with your specific anxieties
  • asking before entering your personal space
  • ensuring you get enough quality downtime
  • and more

On your wedding day, I am capable of simultaneously being the most relaxed person in the world and a gentle but fierce guardian of your boundaries.

I am very easy going, so if you need a change of plans in the moment, let's do that. If you need a moment away from everyone or a sensory break, I can help that happen. And it's all good if you don't use spoken word or if it comes and goes, I'm good at listening in all sorts of ways.

Everyone, whether autistic, AuDHD, ADHD, otherwise neurodivergent, or neurotypical, has different requirements, desires, and needs in and from a wedding photographer. I understand that for many ND people, these aren't just wishes, they are imperatives, and are likely to color the memories of your wedding day for a lifetime.

So, if having a neurodivergent-friendly photographer, or a photographer who celebrates neurodiversity, piques your interest, let's chat. In whatever form you like.

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Let's join forces and work as a beautiful team. Because THIS is where the MAGIC happens

Wedding Photography Review by a Neurodivergent Past Client

This made me all squishy - here is what one of my beautiful AuDHD past clients had to say in a recent survey about what works for my ND crew:

"You're ultra supportive while being low-pressure. Chill, always smiling, friendly but unobtrusive (iykwim, like a best friend ghost). That's pretty key for dealing with neurodiverse peeps imo. Photography was genuinely the most relaxing, fun part for me, and I usually hate having photos taken!"

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It's all in the moment x Nelson, NZ


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