Meet your nelson photographer

Hey, I'm Lula!

Yes, I did. I totally made up my name. One day, I just decided I could do anything I really wanted to and here we are!

I've been a photographer ever since I fibbed about my age at 14 to gatecrash a Night School Darkroom Course. I fell in love immediately and haven't been without a camera since that first already-50-year-old Pentax. And since I'm practically elderly now (ok, that's a stretch 😏), that's a long time to make a million mistakes and learn from them..

My heart is right in there with photographing weddings. It's the emotions, those secret in between moments, those almost-but-not-quite-falling tears that get me every time. It's Grandad, quizzing me on photography knowledge because he used to 'dabble'. (I know you have photography books published, Grandad!) It's the loving expressions on your guests faces, the goosebumps I get when you have to stop and breathe while say your vows.

It's getting to know you two in an entirely unique way.

I just really love weddings.

My infatuation with photography means that I am always learning, I'm not even kidding when I say it's edging on obsessive.

It's led to a Certificate in Art, a Diploma in Art, an Advanced Diploma in Art and Creativity annnnd a Diploma in Digital Photography.

I have a particular interest with working with couples, nearlyweds, children and guests who are neurodivergent or have special requirements, to create an environment where being photographed isn't a stress at all. I have lived, work & family experience of autism and/or ADHD.

Being a Nelson photographer is a total blessing... and being a Nelson wedding photographer is even radder, oh my heart ❤️

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