Hey Lula, how does it all work? How do I book you? What happens when I do?

Such a good question, gossshhhhh.

So my vibe is easy going and that is reflected in my practice. Basically to pull everything together, I offer you options, and you let me know what suits you best. Just like a Pick A Path book, if you are elderly like me.

Right from the contact form, where I ask you how you'd prefer to be contacted, I weave in what works for you. Lots of reasons for this, but mostly, this is your experience and I want you to have a deliriously happy one, ie, I'd never want you to have to throw your phone aside while scrolling in case you accidentally pick it up if phone calls are just not your jam.

I also reckon you should read the FAQs because I think I'm hilarious and it'll tell you a little more about the Velvet Moon Photography experience, but mostly so you can groan at my superior dad jokes.

Scroll down to see the bones of the process for booking for Velvet Moon Photography.

autistic weddings nz,

Real moments, real you. (And real weather!)


Fill in the Form, BAM. Easy As.

Once you’ve made up your mind, or even if you are just Lula-curious, fill in this contact form, and I will get back in touch with you as soon as possible with more information as requested, a quote or more questions for you, because I'm always so keen to hear about everyone's beautiful plans!

It will also probably be 2am, that is when photographers are at our peak productivity. I am so sorry about this but it's genetically in there for all of us. 🌛


Paperwork. All online, easy as.

You can switch the order of #2 and #3 if you like and we can meet prior to booking. Either way works perfectly.

Once you decide to book in, just click ACCEPT QUOTE or let me know your preferred way and I'll start the booking process.

Yessssss, we do a Client Agreement, run away as fast as you can if a photographer doesn't. I also send through the Payment Options (my brain despises the word invoice 😅) and this outlines the 20% non-refundable retainer and that the balance is due a week prior to your wedding date.



So many options for touching base prior, we can have a full consultation in a cafe, I can pop round to visit, we can Zoom or we can just email, we have Messenger, WhatsApp. Notes tied to a bow around the fluffy neck of a sloth if you are marrying in 2057... Endless options.

We'll outline some details, chat about all the fun things and not so fun things, family dynamics, and special considerations, discuss everything we want to share, and generally get comfortable with each other. If you don't do small talk, all good, we can do lists 🥰

Whatever works for you, works for me, boo.


CloseR to your wedding date.

Any time you are ready, I am here to help as wished with your timeline. It's definitely a good idea to run it by me during the formative stages as I know exactly where the invisible time sucking pockets exist in the timeline and it's so good to be able to factor those in and cruise in an unrushed way through your day. I also encourage a list of 'family' (or whoever) formal photo groupings at this point.

I also personally need everything written down, and I know many of you do too. So I send out a pre-wedding letter outlining all the important details in written form so we can all stare at it repeatedly to be sure 👌


Wedding Eve

You might be relaxed or you might be in a mad panic, but I'm here either way. Get in touch if you have anything you want to ask or clarify, it's all good.

Have a good dinner, try get a good sleep, even though I know it's like Santa is coming. Drink LOTS of water.

If your wedding requires me to travel and stay, I'm on my way today. 🏃🏻‍♀️



The moment we have planned and prepared for. Relax, we got this, just let go and enjoy yourself.

While you are riding the wild emotional waves of your wedding, I am quietly documenting everything. There will be moments where I am hands on composing an image, but most of the time I'll be like a [choose your favourite] cat/ninja. 😻


OMG Sneaky Peek Time

Within 48 hours (or a little longer if I've travelled Lord of the Rings style to get to you) you'll have a sparkly, precious Sneak Peek gallery to love on and share as you please.

These images are chosen especially to tell the story of your day, I don't just pick the epic ones, these are a great way to share with loved ones who couldn't be there ❤️



When your online gallery is ready 4-8 weeks later, you will receive your edited pictures, to download, love and share as you please. Wooo! So exciting!

Please feel free to leave a Google or Facebook review if you like, and to stay in touch if you want to. I love seeing my clients lives blossoming 🥰