What do you photograph, Lula?

Oh, lots!  I photograph weddings, newborns, family and maternity primarily. I am wedding photographer with 15 years experience (😅 I always feel old saying that) and have studied almost perpetually to stay contemporary and timeless. I provide photography for everything from small elopements to big weddings.

We are awkward, is there hope for us?

Oh look, it's me!  Honestly, I am not a photo person myself, which is exactly where I draw my magic sorcery from.  A strength I have is making the experience painless - it's going to be ok, and as you can see from all the beautiful (grown up) clients on my website, many who said they were awkward, you are going to love your images.  I have a super relaxed nature and giant empathy for people who don't enjoy cameras and all this helps to create an experience where you are relaxed and at ease.  And that, my friends, is how we tame the experience and make it work for you.

When will our images be readdddyyyy?

For all sessions except weddings, your images will be with you for viewing within 2-3 weeks.  For weddings and elopements, you will receive a Sneaky McSneak Peek within 48 hours and your full gallery will be with you between 4-8 weeks following your epic day.

Are you an Inclusive Photographer? (I am)

Inclusivity Statement

LGBTQIA+ Weddings
Oh, how I have tossed and turned over how to phrase this or whether to even explicitly state this on my website. I am proud to support all my beautiful couples and believe that love is love and I will be there cheering you both on with love in my heart. 'Same sex weddings' are known to me personally as 'weddings', but hey, I know this world is a little more complicated than that. I'm a LGBTQIA+ friendly photographer and would be so honoured to document your wedding day.

Why am I saying this? Because I don't want my LGBTQIA+ couples to have to ask, I want them to just know. Why do you need to know? Because I understand not everyone is quite so ah, friendly and damn, I know you want a team that is genuinely stoked about your love and your marriage. ❤️🌈

Clients with Different Abilities, Disabilities, Neurodivergences
Oh gosh yes, I am right here for you. If you have needs beyond the typical, I'll make sure photography is accessible to you, however we go about that. I am neurodivergent myself.

I have many autistic clients, particularly for weddings, and I have a deep understanding of autism and ADHD and a giant open ear to listen and chat about how we can make this process (and your wedding!) perfect for you.

I welcome kidlets of all kinds, and love working with their special interests to create a photo session that is kinda maybe a little bit fun for everyone.

No barriers here, things might just take a fraction of extra planning to ensure our location works for you and your people and our session is tailored to you. Accessibility for all!

Ethnicity, race, heritage, culture
I digggg it, I do my research, I listen to your words, I will learn - and I would be honoured to be involved in your celebrations. You'll never be discriminated against here on the Velvet Moon.

Appearance and bodies
Yo, you are all beautiful and I freaken love showing you that. Nah, I won't photoshop your arms, and yes, I will catch you all looking like majestic unicorns.

Are you available outside of Nelson Tasman?

Why yes, I surely am. I take on a limited number of out of town weddings each year, so get in touch and we can chat.

Where do your clients come from?

Typically my clients come from Motueka, Mapua, all around the Tasman region, Golden Bay, Takaka, Richmond, Nelson and beyond - with a few coming from as far as the West Coast and Marlborough.  I photograph weddings all around the top of the South Island, right from home in the Tasman, to Nelson, Golden Bay, West Coast, Blenheim, Kaikoura and all around the Marlborough region.

How do you keep our photos safe before they get to us?

This is one of my favourite bits - this is where my natural anxieties help me fly.  I take data protection very seriously.  I have back ups beyond just data.  With weddings, for example, I photograph with two cameras, each with two memory cards in.  If one camera dies, I can still capture your day.  If one card corrupts, I still have your images safe.  Once I get ready to leave, I keep a set of those cards on me for the car ride, you know, in case the car explodes and I have to run.
Once I get home, I back your files up twice, even if it's 2am.  I even keep the images on the original memory cards off site until your edited photos are safely delivered to you via online gallery.  I have comprehensive systems in place to keep everything safe for you.  So as you can see, if I'm carjacked by wild horses who then set my car on fire on my way home from your wedding, it's ok, I've thought this through... Deeply...

What’s your illness/ cancellation/rescheduling policy for non-weddings?

I think we have all learnt over the last couple of years that sometimes a pesky illness can jump up and derail our plans.  My Illness Policy recognises that it's best to keep everyone healthy and yes, you can reschedule with no penalty if you are sick for your session.  Multiple reschedules for other reasons will come with a fee, but sickness and awful weather are two reasons we can shimmy your session along to another date. Our client agreement will go over the finer details.

How long will our session take?

A tricky one to answer but I'll give it my best go!  Basically, our session will take as long as it takes to curate a beautiful gallery for you.  Generally a family or milestone session will be roughly 45 minutes to an hour, where studio sessions tend to take a bit longer.  Newborns are generally 2-3 hours.  And mini sessions?  Well, you'll be amazed at what we can catch in such a short time!

What equipment do you use?

I shoot with a mirrorless system - Sony A7iii's, and have a range of lenses, primarily using a Sony 85mm 1.4 GMaster and Tamron 28-70mm.  I always shoot in RAW and your photos will be able to be enlarged beautifully.

We are very private, can we choose for you not to share our photos online?

Absolutely.  While I really adore the opportunity to share my beautiful clients' sessions, it's absolutely optional.  You can request to have that opted out of the contract, or to include 'with prior approval' so you can see them first.  Further to this, I always ask before publishing images on social media, even with prior approval, and they will never be put on social media before they have been delivered to you.

Can you shoot in spicy wet weather?

I'll give it a go if you are a keen bean!  Now I'm going to tell you a little secret.  I don't know who's on my side, but for some reason, the rain always breaks when it's time for me to head out with my wedding couples.  I'm not saying it's me, but hey, I'm not the only one who's noticed it.*
*No guarantees of weather breaking abilities!
Of course, for non-weddings, we have more wiggle room to play it by ear and for me, that lies hugely in how comfortable you are being out in the weather.  We can definitely reschedule with no fee if the weather is being a womble.