Inclusion + Treasuring Diversity

Inclusion is very important to me. One of my core values is respect, and it's been this way ever since I can remember. It's not something I decided to do, it's inherently within me. I just truly respect others, and that drives me to want to learn more all the time about how I can be better and do better when I am working with people and feelings and sensitive and vulnerable moments.

I'm fully committed to inclusion and treasuring diversity. You are safe here, and you belong. Anyone who wants to be part of the Velvet Moon family is welcome. 🌈 Sexuality, gender, disability, race, ethnicity, neurodivergence, size, appearance or religion is never going to affect how much you are loved and welcomed as a client of mine x

I am proudly a photographer for autistic people, people with ADHD, neurodivergent people.

I am LGBTQIA+ friendly, non-binary friendly, trans friendly, disability friendly, race friendly, ethnicity friendly, culture friendly (omg, yes please, let's include sentimental, culturally important treasures in your images if you want to), autism friendly, autistic friendly, ADHD friendly, AuDHD friendly, other neurodivergence friendly, plus-sized friendly, tiny size friendly, religion friendly and I freaken adore that everyone looks different, so yes, I am all-appearance friendly.

I would always love to hear how I could adapt my practices to suit your needs better, so please never feel like a pain making requests like this. Learning these things is a high priority for me.

When I was 16 I was asked to leave a clothing store because they didn't have anything 'my size'. I am so completely rock solidly never going to make anyone feel like that. Ever. ✌️

brides dancing in white wedding dresses on beach in Napier in sun, same sex wedding photos, by Nelson photographer Lula

Love is love and same sex weddings are just weddings to me.