A beautiful Wairoa Gorge, Nelson, wedding at home

As a now Nelson wedding photographer, I've had the pleasure of capturing many beautiful weddings over the years. I would love to share with you the beautiful recent wedding of Lara + Blue. It was filled with cool and funky musical vibes, and this couple is absolutely rad, so come check out their magical day!

Lara was total babe in her unconventional and stunning wedding dress. Blue stepped out of his room the epitome of a rockstar, and his love for his absolute stunner of a bride was evident in the way he looked at her throughout the day. Oh my gosh guys, the way they looked at each other just melted me! Seeing the moments between couples and their loved ones is one of the reasons I love doing wedding photography in Nelson so much.

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Lara and Blue in the fields of their Nelson home.

Their wedding ceremony was held in their lush and green backyard, surrounded by the stunning beauty of Nelson's naturally gorgeous Wairoa Gorge landscape (uh, hello picturesque backyard river!). This sweet couple exchanged heartfelt vows, which brought tears to everyone's eyes and happiness to everyone's hearts.

I had a blast capturing the unique and fun moments of the day. The couple's love for each other was so evident in every moment, their guests were so welcoming and loving and I was super thrilled to be able to capture their special day and special people in a way that reflected their personalities and style.

This beautiful Nelson backyard wedding was an unforgettable celebration of love and music, and this incredible couple.

Ok, shoot, I could say all the words in the world but the pictures will say it all. I love this wee family dearly, they are ahhhmazing souls and I was so blessed to be able to capture their day.

So check out their gallery!

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Lara and Blue, just married in Nelson